Soul-centered Personal Mentoring & Coaching

Individual guidance and mentoring is essential support for the soul journey. As a nature-based soul guide, I offer support, guidance and mentoring for individuals at the threshold of a larger life and deeper conversation with the world. Are you longing to discover and explore your true nature, your soul’s calling? Are you ready to claim and embody your sacred purpose in life?

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Wild Earth Practice Group

Join us April - December for a 9-month experience of soul-centered community in a more-than-human world.  Gathering monthly as a small and intimate group, as well as connecting individually and in online circles, we practice cultivating supportive and respectful community.  In the wild and beautiful land of Tinaja Ridge -- a hidden jewel of wildness in the Rocky Mountain foothills near Lyons, CO -- we practice engaging in sustained, meaningful and reciprocal relationship with the living, animate world.  And through a variety of practices of deep, nature-based and soul-centered inquiry, we deepen into the mystery of who we are, who we are becoming, and how can more fully live in alignment with our true nature, heart and soul.

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Coming Back to Life: The Work That Reconnects

Join us April 23-24 as we journey together through the spiral of The Work that Reconnects -- coming from gratitude, honoring our pain for the world, seeing with new eyes, and going forth -- while deeply grounded in connection with wild nature and a supportive community.  Together we will courageously turn toward our pain and grief for the world -- not avoiding what is difficult, but actually being informed by it -- finding our way through it to a more connected, embodied, and empowered place, so we can move in the world with renewed inspiration, clarity and energy.

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~Mary Oliver

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